Barrier (5.8%)

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Naturally sweet, deep chestnut in colour with a strong malty aroma and full bodied flavour.


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About the beer

Reflecting the strength of those soldiers who fought for and held this key position in the Battle of Inkerman, we have produced an aromatic winter beer with ripe fruit and hop aromas. Full malt in the mouth and a long finish of hop bitterness, with banana and sultana undertones.

ABV 5.8%

Food Match

A beer brewed specifically for those cold wintery nights. Barrier offers the perfect accompaniment to slow-cooked beef stews, good old bangers and mash and even a dark chocolate dessert. Delightful!

So what was The Barrier?

The ‘Barrier’ was a small fortification made up of loose stones, some five-feet high, in order for soldiers to have an advanced position on the rest of the forces. The men sent to the Barrier would have known they were going to almost certain doom, however, the stories of those precious few men who survived this ordeal have themselves survived. ‘The enemy’s masses approached, and were already within a few yards, when Colonel Mauleverer himself, Lieutenant Walker, and all the officers of the wing of the 30th, rose and mounted to the top of the wall. With scarce a glance back to their men, they boldly leapt down to the enemy’s side of the barrier.’ Parallels can be drawn between this and ‘going over the top’ in the Great War, the bravery of these soldiers in sacrificing themselves for the ‘greater good’ of the rest of the army is unquestionable.

Long, M. (1882). An authentic narrative of the Crimean campaign from 1854 to 1856, by an Old Soldier, lately Private in H.M. Regiment of Foot, giving graphic accounts of the scenes in which, he took part, and others whereof he was an eye-witness. p. 9.

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1 review for Barrier (5.8%)

  1. Neil Shaw

    Such a refreshing tipple – well worth the wait.
    Up and coming brewery well worth a look.

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