Sandbag Battery (5.8%)


A classic tawny ale created with a mixed selection of malts and hops to create a fruity beer with a peppery aroma and a fruity, biscuity flavour.


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About the beer

To emulate the great mix of regiments that fought for and defended this position against 7000 Russian men we have produced what we think is a brilliant blend of malt, hops and fruit on the nose with a bitter bite over the top of a faintly banana maltiness that stays the course. A deep golden classic.

ABV 5.8%

Food Match

Our joint highest proof beer, Sandbag Battery is best suited alongside an assortment of cheeses and meats. Why not buy a bottle or two to go with your next ploughman’s lunch? Our personal favourite is to have it whilst on picnics, cured meats, English cheese and a bottle of Sandbag Battery mmm…

So what was the Sandbag Battery?

The Sandbag Battery was a nine-foot high fortification on Mount Inkerman, with two cannons overlooking the Tchernaya River. It was a position of extreme tactical advantage for the Anglo- French army and so became a prime target for the advancing Russians to overtake. Following a resolute defence of the Sandbag Battery by British pickets at the Barrier, killing several Russian generals, causing confusion and a lack of command amongst the forces charging on the Sandbag. Following this initial setback, Russian General Prokofi Yakovlevich Pavlov led a second Russian column of 15,000 men towards the Sandbag Battery, only defended by a force of three-hundred British soldiers.

The British counterattacked with bayonets as the Russian forces drew close, and this, along with the reinforcements of the 41st Regiment who attacked from the flank, forced the Russians to retreat. The Battery swapped hands between the Russian and British forces as the battle waged, each forcing the other to retreat before amounting a counter attack. It was finally held by Brigadier Adams and two thousand men against General Pavlov’s seven thousand men in what is an epic in British military history against all the odds.

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